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JÖBSTL is a logistics provider operating throughout Europe, offering a variety of interesting possibilities to its employees. We see our employees as an essential success factor, having a decisive influence on the quality of our services and the company itself. Are you interested to start an apprenticeship or do you want to make career in logistics? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to give more information about an interesting profession with perspective.


Training is the key to the future

Lifelong learning is integral part of our corporate strategy and was enhanced further over the past years.
Due to rising customer and market demands our employees are forced to keep their knowledge up-to-date.
For this reason, we focus on a holistic knowledge management and a diversified range of training courses.
Our training program comprises all areas of the corporation – management, scheduling departments, driving personnel, accounting as well as warehouse staff.


The rapid advances in the field of information and communication technologies make it necessary to adapt and update our training programmes regularly. But also eco and safety trainings for our drivers, first aid and hazardous goods courses, as well as quality and environmental workshops are part of our training program. Foreign languages, sales- and telephone trainings plus internal training seminars on current topics (e.g. insurance issues and legal topics) complete the extensive range of our internal and external training portfolio.


Applicants, who want to start an apprenticeship of three years’ duration are equally welcome, as are those from different backgrounds, who wish to contribute to the success of JÖBSTL with their know-how, talent and creativity. In any case, our training program provides a high degree of practical involvement. This is precisely why our apprentices perform exceptionally well at their final examinations. After a basic education there will be the possibility to gain further qualification: this covers diversified logistical topics, commercial issues, IT and marketing related courses. Our personnel development program is aimed at assuring the better-than-average skills level of staff on a lasting basis and optimally equipping the company to face the challenges posed by the market.

Current Vacancies

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Sales Service Munich JÖBSTL EAST GmbH 2. April 2018

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